Inside the Barbican’s Digital Revolution

Barbican - Digital Revolution, Pyramidi 02, 20140715 by Aaron Lee (1448x815)Digital Revolution is a celebration of computing and all things interactive. By bringing together artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians and game developers, it hopes to give you a sense of the breakthroughs that digital creatives are making across culture, as well as remind you just how dramatically digital technology has changed all our lives in less than 50 years.

What follows are some of the moments that fascinated me most as I explored the chambers of this computing archive and its digital delights. Continue reading

One (More) Chance

One Chance, a game by LemmiBeansEarlier, I wrote a post about Alex Fleetwood discussing death in games and the effect Jason Rohrer’s Passage had on him. It reminded me of another indie game I wrote about that seeks to make us think a little deeper about death. The original story appeared on the now defunct I’ve reproduced it below for posterity. Read more

Alex Fleetwood on the Passage

Passage, a game by Jason RohrerThe price of death in games is a carefree affair. Pressing the reset button eradicates accidents and fatal injuries that would be permanent in the real world, which makes virtual death nothing to fear.

During my visit to the Southbank Centre’s Festival for the Living, Alex Fleetwood, director of Hide & Seek, talked about why he finds off-kilter indie game Passage so enthralling. Continue reading