Writing Samples

[Adapt this into a short set of the VERY BEST example of my work: features, interviews, reports

Use images and crib from Fringe Frequency and my Clippings.me portfolio, plus Deezer CS for copywriting]

This is a collection of published articles written by Aaron Lee for a variety of publications and audiences. Here, you will find examples of features, news, reviews and comment, as well as audio and digital media work.

Publications he has written for include Develop, The Independent, The Voice, EastLondonLines, TechRadar, PC Advisor, MCV, PressPlay and Pocket Gamer, among others.

See additional examples of his work, including pictures and a PDF sample of his magazine work, on his Clippings.me portfolio here.

For photography, see his professional Flickr gallery.

For CV requests, further examples of his work, and his full range of skills, please contact him directly.

I need that record: why the vinyl revival will keep on spinning (EastLondonLines, Apr 2012)

Amazon Lumberyard: what the cloud-backed game engine offers developers (Cloud Pro, Apr 2016)
Changing perceptions: inside IBM’s London pop-up studio (Cloud Pro, Jul 2016)
How Wargaming is mobilising for new battlegrounds (Develop, Jun 2014)
Inside Rare: why Kinect Sports Rivals is rebooting the promise of controller-free gaming (Develop, Mar 2014)
Starry eyed: where game graphics go next (Develop, Sep 2013)
The cross-gen games conundrum (Develop, Apr 2014)
Wearables: untethering games from the living room (Develop, Mar 2014)
15 essential mobile game development tools (Develop, Oct 2013)

Celebrating Start-Ups: East London Furniture (EastLondonLines, Apr 2012; video interview)
‘Nurses do not wake up each morning intent on delivering poor care…’ (The Independent, Apr 2012, interview with Jill Fraser)

Adam Saltsman interview (Pocket Gamer, Mar 2011)
Fun anywhere, anytime: Hide&Seek talk Tiny Games (Develop, Oct 2013)
Louis Castle interview (Command & Conquer) (Platform, Aug 2010)
Life after Kickstarter (Develop, Sep 2013)
Microsoft Spotlight: Buddha Finger (Develop, May 2013)
Tommy Tallarico on the return of Video Games Live (Develop, Apr 2014)

Portrait fame for newspaper vendor (The Independent, Apr 2012)
Refurbished Clissold House reopens in the New Year (EastLondonLines, Dec 2011)
Residents ‘gagged’ in Olympic nightclub dispute (EastLondonLines, Nov 2011)

Adobe: We are not a cloud company (Cloud Pro, May 2016)
Young people must be encouraged to adapt for digital future, experts say (IT Pro, Jun 2016)

Afropunk London 2016 review (PressPlay, Sep 2016)
Corinne Bailey Rae, Shepherd’s Bush Empire live review (PressPlay, Nov 2016)
Dornik – Dornik review (PressPlay, Aug 2015)
Little Boots, Oslo Hackney live review (PressPlay, Jul 2015)
Night Moves – Pennied Days review (PressPlay, Mar 2016)
The Maccabees, Coronet, London live review (The Independent, May 2015)

Toshiba Mobile USB Monitor review (PC Advisor, Jan 2012)

Could free schools be the answer for black parents? (The Voice, Jun 2014)

Is 3D gaming worth the hubbub? (Platform, Feb 2010)

ASAP Rocky, Rita Ora and ‘misogynistic’ hip hop (PressPlay, May 2015)
Singer-songwriter: the label of authenticity that’s lost all meaning (JTTE, Mar 2015)

Are you wired for hi-res audio even if the world’s not ready for it? (JTTE, Jan 2015)

Other projects
Aaron has also contributed to a number of other projects, including magazine supplements and specials, event blogging, event photography, student radio and volunteering.

See a collection of highlights and popular posts from his blog here.

In-house magazine writing and production
Develop magazine
Platform magazine (Oct 2008 – Jul 2011; various articles)

Magazine supplements and specials
Develop 100 – 2011 Edition (Develop, Summer 2011)
Making friends at uni (NTSU Freshers Guide 2009)

In Pictures: Develop Quiz – January 2014 (Develop, Jan 2014; photography sample)

Game Wing (Half-hour live games segment on Fly FM)

Initi8, Fresher rep (NTSU)