In Praise of Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean - 2012 press photo 01 (1448x815)It’s incredible how little I have written about Frank Ocean considering how many times I have played his music over the last four years, and how deeply it has touched me. Following the release of his second album, Blonde, in August, it’s high time I remedied this fact with a piece in praise of this singular artist. Continue reading

In memoriam: David Bowie

David Bowie mural, Brixton, Jun 22, 2015, by Maureen Barlin (1920x1080)News that David Bowie, the musician, fashion iconic and eccentric innovator, passed away today, after an 18-month battle with cancer, has shocked the world.

As I write, tributes continue to be posted by millions on social media, and if all the Bowie obituaries and editorials that have appeared in the last 12 hours were printed out and pasted together there could well be enough paper to cast a tether into space to rescue Major Tom. Continue reading

Michael Jackson Remembrance

I can’t remember when I first heard a song from the revolutionary Michael Jackson. But his music, as part of the Jackson Five and a solo artist, has been a constant in my life for a long as I can remember. I can’t pick a favourite song, dance move or fashion style the man has contributed over his many active years. It’s strange to think that he changed so much in the years since his Motown days. He made a lot of poor choices in his lifetime, but I’m grateful for all the positive things he brought to the world. Ever the entertainer, Jackson even appeared in several video games.

The man may be gone, but I’ll still be playing his music long, long after the media circus surrounding his pasting has gone. In tribute, I leave you with one of my favourites from his early years, ‘ABC’. Rest in peace, Michael.