Replay: Ridge Racer (PSP)

Ridge Racer (PSP), Namco, asset 03 (1280x720)Publisher: Namco  Developer: Namco  Format: PSP  Release: 2004, 2005 (US, EU)

When it launched alongside Sony’s first handheld game system in December 2004, Ridge Racer for PSP was a game out of its time. It was Namco’s attempt to recreate the technological leap that the series had signalled a decade earlier on the original PlayStation. It was also the Japanese development team’s chance to push against the current in the globalised racing market and reclaim its relevance. And it was a proposal that simple, neatly executed ideas were the ones that would work best on Sony’s powerful handheld. Continue reading

E3 2015 hopes

The Last Guardian, PS3, E3 2009 01 (1280x720)Following my four-part retrospective on the previous E3 shows to date, it’s time to look ahead to next week: E3 2015.

But rather than make short list of reasonably likely, yet entirely uninteresting predictions, I’ve decide to simply make a list of things I wish will be announced – however farfetched they may be – this E3 that will ease the, so far, dismal lack of variety this console generation. Continue reading