Choice Cuts: Massive Attack – Blue Lines

Wild Bunch / Virgin Records, 1991
Lone figure in underpass, Apr 22, 2013, by Tramsformer18 (1000x563)My abiding memory of Massive Attack’s Blue Lines is a strange one in that it began with reading a confessional article by a girl I have never met. The girl*, then a student at my former Nottingham university, had had a fling with her best mate’s boyfriend, and she was writing about how Blue Lines got her through the inevitable fallout that occurred when her affair was discovered. Continue reading

Jam of the Week: Jr Thomas & the Volcanos – More Than Memories

Jr Thomas & the Volcanos - Beware (500x281)With 2015’s Notting Hill Carnival still fresh in our memories, this week’s jam is a placid dub tune that spurs the gentle hip-swaying of couples on the dance floor. It’s ‘More Than Memories’ by Jr Thomas & the Volcanos. This songwriter, who hails from Minneapolis, USA, writes reggae and soul influenced music in a similar wheelhouse to The Skints. His upcoming debut album, Beware, was recorded at the Volcano Lounge in Los Angeles, and is out later this month on Truth & Soul Records. Continue reading

Jam of the Week: Keida – M16

Keida - Ebb and Flow EP artwork cropped (1500x844)The sun is in the sky, the festival season has begun, and the time for limming has come. What’s limming, you say? Sitting, chilling, relaxing, especially out on your front porch/doorstep in a slow, we’ve-got-all-the-time-in-the-world Caribbean way. And this week, I’ve not heard a better jam to lime to than Keida’s ‘M16’. Continue reading