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Heavy Rotation: Angeline Morrison, Beck, Eryn Allen Kane, Michael Giacchino

It’s time for something new. Or, rather, old. In starting this new, ad hoc series, titled Heavy Rotation, I plan to throw a little light on the artists, albums and songs that I have been listening to frequently, ones I missed, and generally music which I feel deserves attention.

Consider this my Time Out-style hot picks: no more than five minutes to read, and guaranteed to lead you to people or things that will give you hours of pleasure.

If I find myself having time to do these posts more frequently, I may try to put together a Spotify playlist to accompany it.

We start off this new series with an enchanting jazz singer, who is new to me, Angeline Morrison, the rising gospel goddess Eryn Allen Kane, and film composer Michael Giacchino.

Culture, Music

Jam of the Week: Gavin Turek – Good Look for You

California singer Gavin Turek may as well have stepped out of 1970s. She’s making new dance music with an obvious admiration for old-school disco and the electro of 70s and 80s.

As well as singing and songwriting, Turek has contributed to music by TokiMonsta and soul man Mayer Hawthorne’s group, Tuxedo. She’s also release tributes to Donna Summer and electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder.


Andreya Triana

Recommended to me by listening to Huey Morgan interview her on BBC 6 Music (Sep 5, 2010), Andreya Triana is an experimental soul artist.
I’ve heard a sample of her music on MySpace, and I’m already feeling her drift. ‘A Town Called Obsolete’ has a brilliant sense of forgotten days gone by about it.
Andreya grow up in South East London, and though my memory of the interview is a little fuzz, she came across as a really enchanting lady.  What I can recall as clear as day is that she was totally speaking my language when she said she’d like to collaborate with the likes of Nina Simone, De La Soul and Gnarls Barkley – artists she adores.
During the course of writing this post I discovered that she has already released a debut solo album. One more album couldn’t hurt, right? Beside, I’ll need all the help I can get if I’m to get through this 10,000 word dissertation – which I’m still to start!