You Have Too Much Shit: the self-help book that tells it like it is

You Have Too Much Shit (book, 2014) ,Chris Thomas (1400x788)It’s incredible really. Here in the Western world, we love to buy stuff. Fancy stuff. Cheap stuff. Desirable stuff. Stuff that the marketers say will make our lives better.

Of course, it never does, does it? If it did, then we wouldn’t need to buy the next thing they come up with. Continue reading

Rob Orchard and the slow journalism revolution

Journalism has been in crisis for a long time now. Today, with instant digital communication at our fingertips, being first with the news is what readers and publishers tend to value most.

It is an issue that Rob Orchard, editor of Delayed Gratification magazine, discussed in a superb TEDx talk in Madrid this year. Continue reading

The Cream of Finnish Games Mags

Kevin ‘MagWeasel’ Gillford, über magazine collector, columnist and staunch defender of print, has published a superb piece on a player-made Finnish games magazine.

Pelaaga (‘Player’) was started in 2002 by an independent group of Finnish gamers. Interviewed in the column, editor-in-chief Thomas Puha provides a new perspective on the games media business. He speaks of the difficulties in producing a ‘modern’ games magazine for Finland – where the gaming society is much smaller. Most intriguing of all, he explains that getting coverage for Pelaaga, and many other small European titles, just isn’t the way it is in the US and UK: there are no press events, PR representatives are few and their content sporadic, and they have to jump through more hops than Ecco the Dolphin to get interviews.
All highly fascinating and stuff I can personally relate to. Although, I also consider myself even more fortunate to live in the UK having read his comments about PR and coverage in Eastern Europe. Arranging content for my student site Platform Online may be a constant struggle, but I’m extremely fortunate to have lots of contacts and opportunities available to me.
Mr Puha, I salute you.