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Jam of the Week: Marina and the Diamonds – Blue

Marina and the Diamonds, press photo 05, Charlotte Rutherford (3743x21050)Nuanced is a word I would use sparingly when it comes to describing the songs on Marina and the Diamond’s debut album, The Family Jewels. The Welsh pop singer, whose real name is Marina Diamandis, has a maidenly tone to her voice, but married with moments of overwrought production on tracks, such as ‘Oh No!’, she is at times pushed closer to the clique of shallow pop; home to the likes of Pixie Lott and Kesha. Yet free from the filter of studio production, Diamandis shines.

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Brits Awards 2015: Madonna’s tumble the high point of a show that’s lost its mojo

Madonna falls, Brit Awards 2015, Feb 25, 2015 screenshot, ITV (620x349)“Oh, Madonna. Did you learn NOTHING from the heroes who fell before you?” asked a quizzical tweet, attached with an image of The Incredibles’s eccentric fashion designer Edna Mode. Those who watched the 2015 Brit Awards live on ITV last night saw it – and then saw it again moments later on Twitter. Madonna, in an austere black suit, a long cloak draped behind her, yanked from her feet midway through her assent to the main stage.

The Twitter crowd had been restless for entirety of the show, but, thanks to the ill-fated timing of a backup dancer, the bait had been thrown and video snippets of Madonna’s tumble – quickly coined ‘#capegate’ – started circulating. The 56-year-old entertainer recovered quickly, carrying on as if it had been little more than a graze. But it was too late. The music had already been forgotten.