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How do you stay focused in the digital era?

Weapons of mass distraction. Mar 27, 2012, by birgerking (720x404)How do you stay focused in the digital era? Discipline. There, that was easy, wasn’t it?

No, actually. Today we’re bombarded by so many distractions – on our phones and on the web – that it’s all too easy to wander off-task at work or at home. And one way or another, the consequence usually ends up impacting your own wellbeing.

Following BBC Click regular Kate Russell’s advice on tools to give yourself a digital detox, the question of how you stay on-task seems especially apt to me right now.


Productivity Tips from Click’s LJ Rich

Click the BBC’s long-running flagship technology show recently did a package on productivity. Like many people the world over, I find myself easily distracted by the wonders and limitless information on the web. So much so, that getting started on my essential tasks can be a major mental effort. LJ Rich investigated the ways to paralyse procrastination and finally sort out your dreaded untidy inboxes. This couldn’t have come at a better time.