Singer-songwriter: the label of authenticity that’s lost all meaning

Jake Bugg, Brussels, Apr 30, 2012, by Kmeron / Vincent Philbert, 01 (2048x2394)What goes through your head when you hear the term: singer-songwriter? Is your mind filled with images of ginger-haired Ed Sheeran, innocent Nina Nesbitt and boyish-looking George Ezra? Or perhaps passionate Laura Marling, the watchful Bob Dylan or a smiling Carole King?

All of these musicians are frequently described as singer-songwriters. But the degree to which they are responsible for the creation of their songs – in other words, songwriting – is where the real distinction lies. Continue reading

Are you wired for hi-res audio even if the world’s not ready for it?

Sony Walkman ZX2, lifestyle photo (1102x620)Your favourite tunes as you’ve never heard them before. That’s the promise of high resolution audio. Deeper bass, sharper riffs and vocals with greater presence for a fuller, richer musical tableau.

While that’s all well and good, the arrival of hi-res audio is long overdue and, right now, most of the world is far from ready for it. Continue reading