How to survive making a new magazine

For the attention of Angela Phillips and future magazine newbies.

So you’ve won your pitch, you’ve assembled a team and now you’ve got just two months to turn your magazine dreams into a reality. Now the work really begins.


London from a new perspective

In the last four months, I have seen London in completely new ways.

I’ve been down on the streets, high-tailing it across town on all manner of transport and discovering the city after dark. As the saying goes: you live in the city, but you never do these things until somebody comes to visit – or in my case, until I started a postgrad journalism course that required me to get out and meet people.

Diary, Media

Proposals, proposals

Magazine launches are few and far between here in the UK. But while some had proposals of marriage in mind, I have spent all day imagining, discussing and pitching magazine proposals.

Mark Payton, editorial director at Haymarket, visited my college today, and my MA class and I had been given briefs to fulfil in advance of shirt-and-shoes occasion.


The Midas touch

Goldsmiths College by Ewan MunroThe importance of academic reputation becomes painfully apparent when applying for skilled jobs. Chances of getting to the interview stage are judged even before your actual qualification, because a first from Derby University isn’t the same as a first from Oxford University. This kind of presumptive classification can unfortunately be damning for us all. But if you happen to be on the positive end of the scale more doors in society open.