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The allure of live albums

Corinne Bailey Rae - Life is Good Fest, Sep 12, 2010, Peter Lee (1920x1080)If you’re not able to attend a concert, live albums are the next best way of immersing yourself in a more intimate matter with a performer. It’s more than simply the music. They audibly capture the atmosphere. The energy of the performer(s). The yelps of excitement that greet fan favourites. The chatter, the odd fault and the ticklish laughter that often follows. Triumphant solos, guest appearances, live-only cover songs and affecting finales that sweep you up with the crowd.

No wonder live albums – and live music in general – has become a cure for those lonely nights or times when overtime is unavoidable.


Workshop Lounging

Here I am again, typing away in my cluttered, disorganised den. It’s been an ambling kind of month. I took to watching more of the BBC’s annual Glastonbury coverage than usual – mostly due to Gorillaz, Dizzee Rascal and Florence and the Machine, plus I always have time for Lauren Laverne.
You might remember back in March I wrote about my
original 60GB PS3 having a system failure. After arranging for SCEE to exchange the console with a like-for-like replacement – which means all my progress on copy protected games (Killzone 2, Street Fighter IV, Assassin’s Creed II) will no longer exist and only some of my PSN data and backups can be salvaged. Having received the replacement I soon found out that this broken PS3 saga is yet to end. The first time I switched it on the internal fan began to produce an unacceptably loud noise that could be heard from the staircase. The noise has continued to persist, making it impossible to relax with the entertainment system as my family and I did with the original, so I’ve had to request another exchange. Third time is the charm I suppose.

Fortunately, I’ve still got access to other consoles so I can work and play. I’ve been working no some plans for next year as well as prepping for Develop in Brighton and some of my leftover term-time projects. Just getting back to some games for review (and leisure). It’s my aim to get through as much as I can, but I’ll have to be realistic about all this. I’ve not yet played enough of Blur to accurately judge it, and I’m still hoping to play Joe Danger, Demon’s Souls, Batman: Arkham Asylum this summer. The amount of unopened and unplayed games stacking up in my room is starting to become an epidemic.

Another source of excitement and anxiety for me is my first ever driving lesson next week. It will soon be time for me to put down these simulators and arcade racers and actually get my hands (and limbs) round the real deal.

With an assertion to try as many new things as possible – and have the time to enjoy myself – I’d quite like to have a part-time job right now just so I could have some more spending money. But with all the time and effort I’ve been devoting to Platform and attempting to get some paid freelance work that may be even more detrimental to my lifestyle. No, best to forego these luxuries. Less distraction, more progression.