Media Watch: Ricardo Torres

Games writers from ethnic minorities are a rarity, but it’s rarer still to find an editor-in-chief of a games media website.

A 12-year veteran of GameSpot, who was made editor-in-chief in January 2008, Ricardo Torres is one games journalist I have strong admiration for. He recently left GameSpot, so it’s time I paid tribute to him with this Media Watch post. Continue reading

Unsustainable Services

I find it quite odd these past few years how technology and services only seem to last for a limited period before something new captures our attention.

This has been very true of my time using internet services and community sites. Though there are various factors to consider, such as my time spent writing and the day-to-day upkeep of my uni work and projects, the simple answer is I just don’t have the time for many of things I used to.

But it’s certainly been for the best.

I’m quite happy for my old GameSpot profile to become a dusty internet relic, full of unchecked grammatical errors and naive blog posts. There was a time when GameSpot was my number one video game source – but that time has passed. Between Wikipedia, Edge and Giant Bomb, I just don’t need it anymore.

Part of me will always look back fondly on my GameSpot years. I met some great people and discovered a whole new world of video game culture.

Soon long as the dreaded moderations haven’t taken them down, there are still a few videos worth checking out from old PS2 demo discs in my profile.

Do you have any accounts that now go unused thanks to newer, better web services?