Jam of the Week: Sharee Lewis – Thirsty

Sharee Lewis - Thirsty (500x281)There’s a strong air of the tormented soul to Sharee Lewis’ music. A torment which comes from a very real place for this Bournemouth-born singer. Music has become a saviour for Lewis, who was put into foster care during her childhood, and faced her own personal demons as a result of being taken away from her mother. Continue reading

Jam of the Week: Sharon Van Etten – Just Like Blood

Sharon Van Etten, press photo, 2015, 01 (770x433)Sharon Van Etten has a voice that stops you in your tracks and holds there, leaving you staring somewhere into the middle distance, as her words float around your head. This Brooklyn-born, singer-songwriter so far has four studio albums to her name – her latest, Are We There, was released just last year. But despite a number of recommendations, Van Etten’s music is not yet in my music library. I know: what have I been doing to myself, right? Plenty of time to change that, thankfully, and what better place to start than her new EP, entitled I Don’t Want to Let You Down? Continue reading