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How do you stay focused in the digital era?

Weapons of mass distraction. Mar 27, 2012, by birgerking (720x404)How do you stay focused in the digital era? Discipline. There, that was easy, wasn’t it?

No, actually. Today we’re bombarded by so many distractions – on our phones and on the web – that it’s all too easy to wander off-task at work or at home. And one way or another, the consequence usually ends up impacting your own wellbeing.

Following BBC Click regular Kate Russell’s advice on tools to give yourself a digital detox, the question of how you stay on-task seems especially apt to me right now.

Diary, Technology

Not-so-simple fitness gadgets

Runner in New York, 31072011, by Ed Yourdon (1448x815)What are New Year’s resolutions if not renewed commitments to the pursuit of happiness? The trouble is technology designed to help you on your path to that better, simpler life still tends to cause disruption and sleepless nights.

Fitness gadgets, such as wristbands, trainer sensors and apps, are sold on the promise of convenience and ease of use. Their usefulness lies in the idea that if you can track your progress you’ll be more motivated. Latterly, sports brand Nike has struck upon the bright idea of syncing your data to the web so it can be compared with an entire network of global fitness fanatics. Great, huh? Well, maybe when it works.