Christine and the Queens – Chaleur Humaine review

Christine and the Queens is the unequivocal breakthrough artist of the year. From magazine covers and music awards to performing on stage with Elton John at the Camden Roundhouse: you name it, this lady has been there and got the T-shirt (or likely will do by this time next year).

Chaleur Humaine is the international debut album from this idiosyncratic French musician, whose real name is Héloïse Letissier. It’s a superbly delicate electronic pop album filled with sounds that leave you agog. Continue reading

Laura Mvula – The Dreaming Room review

Laura Mvula’s powerful and nuanced Sing to the Moon was a remarkable album made even more remarkable by the fact that it was her debut. Her second album doesn’t manage the all-out excellence of her first time, but it still a superb album in its own right that shouldn’t be missed. Continue reading

Jam of the Week: Charlotte Day Wilson – Find You

Charlotte Day Wilson - CDW (600x338)It takes a special kind of singer to enchant you with the caffeinated-cool of an old-school jazz club moonlighter. Amy Winehouse is the obvious choice. But there are others: Claudia Brücken, Alice Russell and, now, Charlotte Day Wilson. Continue reading

Jam of the Week: Mikoteau – Swayzae

Mikoteau - Swayzae (996x560)When a humdinger like ‘Swayzae’ comes along, the compulsion to know more about who made it, and what they might do next, can send you on a scavenger hunt across the wild, untamed corners of the web. If only I had such time when I came across this track by Mikoteau, the collective name for Mikkoh and Decoteau, two female DJ/producers from Atlanta. Continue reading