Jorja Smith – Project 11 EP review

Jorja Smith, Afropunk London 2016, Ally Pally, by Aaron Lee (960x540)The confidence that resonates from Jorja Smith quickly leaves you defenceless. She’s an 18-year-old going on 28, singing about urban life, young love and society’s uncomfortable injustices.

Propelled by the response to ‘Blue Lights’, a short tale of a young person walking unwelcome streets, which garnered much acclaim for her at the start of the year, Smith has apparently received plenty of offers from major labels, but has so far declined them all. She prefers do her own thing. The strength of her first EP, Project 11, is good reason for this rising talent to continue being an independent woman. Continue reading

Marie Dahlstrom – 0.0 EP review

Marie Dahlstrom press photo 2016, 1 (1280x720)Nowadays, it’s not difficult to make something that passes for a love song. But to create something that people actually connect with, and some feel sums up their feelings for somebody, now that still takes talent. Scandinavian singer and pianist Marie Dahlstrom has won the hearts of many around the world thanks to her skill at crafting patient, sincere-sounding love songs. Continue reading

Jam of the Week: M.O – Who Do You Think Of?

M.O - Who Do You Think Of single (2480x1395)Girl group M.O are nothing new on the well-worn spectrum of pop. On ‘Who Do You Think Of’, entire choruses are encapsulated by song titles, the soundscape is almost indiscernible from other popular chart songs of the last 12 months, and the texture of these Sugababes substitutes voices – at least on this track – is nothing to write home about.

Still, M.O’s line-up includes Francesca ‘Frankee’ Connolly (pictured, centre), one half of one-hit wonders, Mini Viva. So I’ve been compelled to delve a little deeper, and M.O’s debut EP gives patience pop lovers more reason to stick around. Continue reading