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How do you stay focused in the digital era?

Weapons of mass distraction. Mar 27, 2012, by birgerking (720x404)How do you stay focused in the digital era? Discipline. There, that was easy, wasn’t it?

No, actually. Today we’re bombarded by so many distractions – on our phones and on the web – that it’s all too easy to wander off-task at work or at home. And one way or another, the consequence usually ends up impacting your own wellbeing.

Following BBC Click regular Kate Russell’s advice on tools to give yourself a digital detox, the question of how you stay on-task seems especially apt to me right now.

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Inside the Barbican’s Digital Revolution

Barbican - Digital Revolution, Pyramidi 02, 20140715 by Aaron Lee (1448x815)Digital Revolution is a celebration of computing and all things interactive. By bringing together artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians and game developers, it hopes to give you a sense of the breakthroughs that digital creatives are making across culture, as well as remind you just how dramatically digital technology has changed all our lives in less than 50 years.

What follows are some of the moments that fascinated me most as I explored the chambers of this computing archive and its digital delights.

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Facebook’s dominance in doubt as Zynga goes it alone

Zynga.com profile page (Mar 2012)For Zynga and Facebook the honeymoon is over. The game-maker, famous for FarmVille and Words With Friends, is to launch its own dedicated games portal, Zynga.com, in a move to increase its independence.

The San Francisco-based game-maker currently accounts for 12 per cent of the social network’s overall revenues. Zynga’s desire to break away represents a blow to Facebook’s status as the platform holder that’s impossible to ignore.

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Media Watch: Ian Forrester

Last October, Guardian Tech alerted me to a unique BBC project aimed to make positive change through digital innovation. BBC Backstage was formed in 2004 to encourage social innovation through the use of shared data and collaboration. Sadly, it was brought to my attention a little too late as it closed early this year. But fortunately its successes have been archived to help future inventors and digital producers.

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Discovery Zone: Edge reborn

Stories about new stuff, old stuff, lost stuff and found stuff…

Edge 4.0
This monthly, long-running multi-format games magazine, Edge, unveiled its fourth magazine redesign since its launch in October 1993. Issue #229 has been redesigned from front to back, and features distinct sections on the design, business and culture of games.