You Have Too Much Shit: the self-help book that tells it like it is

You Have Too Much Shit (book, 2014) ,Chris Thomas (1400x788)It’s incredible really. Here in the Western world, we love to buy stuff. Fancy stuff. Cheap stuff. Desirable stuff. Stuff that the marketers say will make our lives better.

Of course, it never does, does it? If it did, then we wouldn’t need to buy the next thing they come up with. Continue reading

You don’t need a degree in marketing to make better Goldsmiths 2012 ads

Goldsmiths’ marketing and branding department needs to be congratulated for making their latest advertising campaign so spectacularly bad it’s funny.

From September 2011, you could find the advert below for Goldsmiths’ 2012 intake on trains travelling on the east London line:

Goldsmiths 2012 - I study at Continue reading