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Bonobo review – climatic and inclusive

Alexandra Palace, LondonBonobo, Alexandra Palace, London, 28.11.2014, by Aaron Lee, 01 (1448x815)Thousands of punters. Walls of pulsating shapes flying at you like an insane, multicoloured Rorschach inkblots. And enough electronic breakbeats to propel beer into the face of anyone who’s still drinking when the mayhem starts. That was the scene at Alexandra Palace, London, on Friday night for the finale of Bonobo’s North Borders Tour. And unlike the dismal displays of disinterest or detachment that concerts of this kinds generate from some artists (Calvin Harris comes to mind), this was two hours of welcoming, crowd-pleasing inclusiveness.

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Best albums of 2013: top 10

Aaron's best albums of 2013 collage 10-01 (2500x1000)Here we are. The final 10 and my chosen favourites. Over the first and second parts of my album round-up, there have been disappointments (yep, no Bowie, no Kanye), there been surprises and there has even been some grief.

A picture may tell a thousand words, but music can paint a million different images. Which is why no amount of text could ever capture how those moments of musical elation feel. Still, if you’ve faced struggles and doubt this year, then, in their own way, each of these 10 albums offer reasons for you to press on in search of better days to come.