Collected Thoughts

This is a selection of articles and comment pieces, round-ups and reviews that have appeared on Journey to the East over the years.

Gaming as seen by an art critic
Inside the Barbican’s Digital Revolution

Why do some finales leave us dissatisfied?

Series: film reviews

Conservative consoles: probing the shortage of original exclusives on PS4 and Xbox One
Filling in the gaps: why mythology encourages more engagement
Journey: online gaming the way it should be
Series: Moments We Remember – chronicling stories of how gaming has changed us
Series: Replay – looking back at bygone video games (and, occasionally, game systems)

The Geeky Chef on fictional foods, cookbooks and the Portal cake

Why British-Grenadians should care about the island’s 40th independence day
Why the game review scores debate will never be ‘solved’

Best albums of: 2013, 2014
Does liking rock music make you ‘less black’?
Marlena Shaw: the underappreciated queen of soul
New talent @ Radar: Naomi Scott, Fifi Rong, Geovarn and more
Ruby and the Vines and Fur @ the Vortex Jazz Club
Singer-songwriter: the label of authenticity that’s lost all meaning
10 disruptive characters concert goers will recognise
Series: album reviews
Series: Choice Cuts – looking back at bygone records
Series: Jam of the Week
Series: live reviews

Are you wired for hi-res audio even if the world’s not ready for it?
The trouble with Facebook and bad news

The decline of children’s TV
Thunderbirds Are Go: the tropes of a bad reboot
Why we need BBC4

‘To know the road ahead, ask those coming back’ –
Chinese proverb