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Record Store Day 2012 and the vinyl revival

The line didn’t seem so long at first. It was only when I had cleared the greying industry buildings that blocked the record shop from view that I realised I my trip may have been in vain. And the worst part was it was only 7:30am in the morning.

It was Record Store Day 2012, and I was heading to Rough Trade East to try and get my hands on the some of the hot exclusive releases that were out specially for the day.

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“Let’s talk about feelings”

Lotus flower by osanpoLove is dead, they tell me. Well, they’re wrong. Love isn’t easy to find and it’s even harder to describe. On this Valentine’s occasion, I thought I’d connect some of the dots between love and music in my own life and leave you to ponder the rest.

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Best albums of 2011

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, Rome press photo 01This year has seen the end of my time at university in Nottingham and the beginning of a new chapter at Goldsmiths in London. From Janelle Monáe’s ArchAndroid and the classic soul of the 60s getting me through my dissertation, to my first ever listen to Danger Mouse’s Rome (walking to and from the city campus’s library for the Trent Media AGM), to Ghostpoet’s life-affirming tones giving me the vigour to make it through my driving theory test; music has been with me every step of the way.

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Newsroom playlist

What was it like to work in a 1950s newsroom? Fingers chattering out news stories on aging typewriters, cigarette smoke hanging in the air, leaving the room’s occupants – dressed in sharp suits, fading ties and trilbies – in a permanent state of intoxication.

I may never get to find out. But, thanks to my MP3 player and selection of hot tunes, I get feel like I’m a newsroom hack, sniffing out stories, on my daily trip to college.

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Let’s Bopp

Music that gets you moving is never the same for everyone. I enjoy some of the hip hop, dub-step and pop songs they play in the clubs I’ve been to, but, to me, music in the club scene has always been as shallow as mainstream radio playlists. Thanks to a good friend, last night I had the pleasure of experiencing Bopp at Pandora’s Box (the same place my fresher rep toga party was held), and it’s easily one of the greatest club nights I’ve been to.

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Best albums of 2010

Gorillaz, Phase Three, press image 01I’ve been enthralled and captivated by so much music this year. Below are five of the newly released albums that have stayed will me this year. The one and only Gorillaz top my list. But, really, who else was going to, mmm?