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Jordan Rakei – Cloak review

Jordan Rakei is an Australian singer and producer making soulful, dreamlike R&B. He released his Groove Curse EP in 2014, and contributed to Disclosure’s 2015 album, Caracal, with the track ‘Masterpiece’. His debut album, Cloak, is an innovative and modestly arresting creation that discerning listeners will appreciate.

Rakei has a velvety timbre to his voice similar to Jamie Woon and, to a lesser extent, a smoother James Blake. He uses it to great effect on these songs, serenading (‘Midnight Mischief’), stimulating (‘The Light’) and coming part (‘Snitch (feat. Remi)’) with a tranquil cool.

Backing up his words are an assortment of deliciously soulful jazz, funk and downtempo synthetic sounds. Be it the Rhye-esque, ethereal ‘Lost Myself’, the pearlescent bliss of ‘Talk to Me’ and ‘Toko’, or the D’Angelo-inspired vibe of ‘Blame It on the Youth’, Rakei’s productions wrap you in a blanket of discreet emotions.

There can be a temptation for producers to throw everything including the kitchen sink into their debut record, so they can show off the gamut of their abilities. Rakei has been commendably restrained, focusing on putting as much burning hot emotion as he can into his chilled music. As a result, Cloak is a stirring success.

Cloak is out now on Soul Has No Tempo/4101 Records.

Image: Soul Has No Tempo/4101 Records