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Jam of the Week: The Hempolics – Me Love to Sing

Closing out the bitter slog that was 2016 are a band who are bringing the sunshine grooves of the Caribbean to the urban metropolis. The Hempolics are a little-known ska band from London, who have steadily been crafting their sound for over a decade now. They have received attention from radio, not to mention the fellow musicians, such as La Roux, Eliza Doolittle and Paolo Nutini.

Led by Grippa Laybourne, the band’s debut album – titled Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol 1, but not yet dated for release – has been recorded in the bedrooms and home studios of the band, and is described as a “mash-up of reggae, electro, hip hop, dancehall, rock and pop”.

Me Love to Sing’ is convincing case for choosing the “soon come” lifestyle when it comes to facing what’s ahead of you. Easy-going ska gold.

Me Love to Sing is out now on Shark Free Records.

Image: Shark Free Records