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Jam of the Week: AOSOON – Something

AOSOON, press 2015 (1000x563)AOSOON stands for “Alot of Something Out of Nothing”. And in the case of this south London duo, the acronym sums up the music neatly.

The group’s stirring “gangsta folk” swept me away when I saw them at a live music showcase earlier this year, and since then I’ve been following them. The duo’s songs ‘Same Difference’ and ‘Under’ have been on my hot list all year. And this week’s jam is equally as strong.

Something’ is the latest gentle wonder from singer and guitarist Marisa Hylton (pictured, right) and bassist and soundman Manny Folorunso (pictured, left), who have steadily been building momentum with their SoundCloud releases. It’s breezy rhythm twists and tumbles like a leaf in springtime, and Hylton’s words are a captivating pick-me-up in this winter weather. It’s spectacular.

Something is out now, self-released by AOSOON.