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Jam of the Week: Rihanna – Sledgehammer

Rihanna - Sledgehammer (868x488)From across the galaxy – or the Atlantic ocean, at least, comes this dramatic pop anthem from Rihanna: ‘Sledgehammer’. It sounds like post-Chandelier Sia song, feels like a Sia song, and, yes, was co-written by Sia.

Salted piano tones, drip-drop synth thuds and Rihanna howling to heavens like an extra-terrestrial banshee. Promoting the forthcoming Star Trek Beyond with a pop song is surprising shift from the reliance on Alexander Courage’s famous theme. Thankfully, this Rihanna-Sia collab’ can trigger a little supernova between your ears.

Sledgehammer is out now, on Westbury Road.

Image: Westbury Road/Virgin EMI/Interscope