Jam of the Week: Charlotte Day Wilson – Find You

Charlotte Day Wilson - CDW (600x338)It takes a special kind of singer to enchant you with the caffeinated-cool of an old-school jazz club moonlighter. Amy Winehouse is the obvious choice. But there are others: Claudia Brücken, Alice Russell and, now, Charlotte Day Wilson. Continue reading

Star Trek Beyond review – Shoots for the stars, makes it to the moon

Star Trek Beyond, still 01, Spock, Jaylah, McCoy (2560x1440)Director: Justin Lin  Starring: John Cho, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Idris Elba

Crash landing on an uncharted planet was never going to look anything but spectacular when the minds behind the last two Star Trek films and the director of Fast & Furious 36 got together. Star Trek Beyond doesn’t wrap up as spectacularly as its bold initial vector, but this sci-fi adventure still manages to be rip-roaring fun. Continue reading

Jam of the Week: M.O – Who Do You Think Of?

M.O - Who Do You Think Of single (2480x1395)Girl group M.O are nothing new on the well-worn spectrum of pop. On ‘Who Do You Think Of’, entire choruses are encapsulated by song titles, the soundscape is almost indiscernible from other popular chart songs of the last 12 months, and the texture of these Sugababes substitutes voices – at least on this track – is nothing to write home about.

Still, M.O’s line-up includes Francesca ‘Frankee’ Connolly (pictured, centre), one half of one-hit wonders, Mini Viva. So I’ve been compelled to delve a little deeper, and M.O’s debut EP gives patience pop lovers more reason to stick around. Continue reading