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Jam of the Week: Throwing Shade – Hashtag IRL

Throwing Shade - Hashtag IRL single (1200x675)This week we learned that social networking monolith Facebook is still making ludicrous amounts of money – despite some of us being over it, and many others just seeing it as part of the furniture. So-called “social media” can have plenty of benefits, but it’s also a distracting, unforgiving cesspit, full of trolls, acquaintances you don’t actually know and random people lusting for approve by way of subscriber numbers.

London producer and radio DJ Throwing Shade knows this, and she isn’t a fan.

Hashtag IRL’ is wry comment on the desire we’re presented with every day now to increase our online status. “Hashtag get online”, “hashtag OMG” and “LOL” are some of the phrases that loop, in detached manner, over and over, into the jittery electronic soup that Nabihah Iqba has brewed. The robotic rhythm and emotionless delivery sums up how anti-social “social media” frequently is. HashtagLike.

Hashtag IRL appears on House of Silk EP, released on March 18, 2016, on Ninja Tune.

Image: Ninja Tune