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Hinds – Leave Me Alone review

Hinds 2015 press photo 01, by Salva Lopez (1920x1080)What do you get when you cross four ordinary-looking girls, with crappy smartphone photos of nights out and amateurish, yet endearing, home recordings? You get Hinds (fka Deers): a girl group enthralled by the garage rock of Mac DeMarco, Ty Segall and the Black Lips. While their intentionally rough sound presents an approachable façade, debut album Leave Me Alone is more fuzz than punk rock originality.

Hinds - Leave Me Alone, 500Vocalists Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote wail and chant wafting anecdotes and half-tales that are frequently inaudible and, at times, indecipherable when sober. And they sound exactly the same when under the influence, only this time some listeners will swear they’re hearing deep meaningful truths from these Spaniards. The music, meanwhile, is a swirl of hazy guitars and improvised patterns, which evoke the sweltering summers of their home city, Madrid (‘Warts’). Listening to Hinds is akin to hearing a bunch of friends at play – for better and for worse.

The girls are at their best when their mischievous take on the lives of young adults and their Mac DeMarco-inspired melodies gel with their lo-fi thrashing (‘Easy’) and surf-psych (‘Solar Gap’). The superlative ‘Castigadas en el Granero’ aside, Leave Me Alone’s intentional rough cuts are not for the impatient – or those that dread being in earshot of a gaggle of girls who feel inclined to give everybody on their metro train a taste of their out of tune sing-songs (‘San Diego’).

The exotic appeal behind these four Spaniards is strong. And Hinds’ image of being beer-drinking, casually-dressed sisters of alt-rock has served them well. But beyond the novelty of their lo-fi aesthetic and youthful character, their debut stumbles back and forth between melodic rhythms and grating vocal harmonies. This is a Hinds night out: it’s loud, cheeky and fun, but one night will be just enough for some.

Leave Me Alone is out now on Lucky Number.

Image: Salva Lopez/Lucky Number/PR