Jam of the Week: People Under the Stairs – Nobody Cares

People Under the Stairs press photo 2015 (750x422)Unless you’ve locked yourself away from the internet and the outside world for the last seven days, you can’t fail to have noticed we’ve been through one of those ‘weeks that changed the world’. As the media, politicians and, most importantly, ordinary people gradually come to terms with the recent attacks in Paris, Beirut and, just yesterday, Nigeria, it is heartening to see musicians, such as Thundercat, producing music in tribute to those that sadly lost their lives and to remind us of the need for unity.

Today’s jam comes from one of the most underrated west coast’s hip hop duos, People Under the Stairs. It isn’t a Paris tribute, but it is about community and what happens when the places that help strengthen the bonds between us are neglected.

Nobody Cares‘ was recorded sometime in 2008 or 2009, in between Fun DMC and Carried Away, but ended up being filed away on a “lost hard drive” because of potential sampling issues (the vocal hook sound a bit a like Beck to me) and the potency of its topic. The song touches on the underdevelopment of areas in Los Angeles and the neglect of average citizens, while money continues to flow to perpetuate the Hollywood dream and celeb culture that so many outsiders flock to it in search of.

PUTS were behind one of my favourite hip hop albums of 2014, and I strongly encourage you to check out their American Men Vol 2 compilation, which they are self-releasing on SoundCloud week by week. Thes One and Double K are currently working on their tenth studio album.

Nobody Cares is out now, as part of American Men Vol 2, on People Under the Stairs’s SoundCloud page.


Image: People Under the Stairs