Jam of the Week: Wreckvge – Witch Hunt (ft. PuroWuan)

Wreckvge, profile pic 2015 (604x340)This week’s jam very nearly wasn’t Halloween-themed. Finding newly released music tracks with a Halloween spin really shouldn’t be this difficult. They’re out there, as this week’s delectably dark track by Wreckvge and PuroWuan demonstrates. Continue reading

Sherika Sherard – Just Saying review

Jake Bugg has got nothing on Sherika Sherard. She doesn’t go about attempting to convince people of her musical authenticity. Because she is authentic, that’s who she is. This London-born singer-songwriter caught the attention of thousands – myself included – when a video of her busking went viral in 2014. Since then, her music has taken her around London and beyond UK shores. Her debut album – crowdfunded by her early supporters, and produced and mixed by Phil Holloway – represents a triumph for independence and authorship, even if the end result could use some technical adjustments. Continue reading

Masayoshi Fujita – Apologues review

Masayoshi Fujita, by Alexander Schneider (01/06/2015), 02 colour (1920x1080)Japanese vibraphone player, Masayoshi Fujita, may not be using traditional Japanese instruments on his second studio album under his own name, but his music nonetheless feels connected to the culture and traditions of his home nation. Apologues is a porthole to the palace of the mind. An instrumental album of subtle grace that requests your presence, rather than demands it. Continue reading

Replay: MediEvil 2

MediEvil 2, characters art 02 (1920x1080)Publisher: SCE  Developer: SCE Cambridge Studio  Format: PS1  Release: 2000

It’s ironic, really. For a game about battling ghoulish creatures in typically disquieting surroundings, the scariest part about MediEvil 2 was facing up to its many nightmarish foes. I mean that literally, because lining up the broad sword-swings and crossbow bolts of bony protagonist, Sir Daniel Fortesque, with the rotting, uncoordinated corpses that stand in his way is tougher than juggling with pumpkins. Continue reading

Jam of the Week: Mikoteau – Swayzae

Mikoteau - Swayzae (996x560)When a humdinger like ‘Swayzae’ comes along, the compulsion to know more about who made it, and what they might do next, can send you on a scavenger hunt across the wild, untamed corners of the web. If only I had such time when I came across this track by Mikoteau, the collective name for Mikkoh and Decoteau, two female DJ/producers from Atlanta. Continue reading

Jam of the Week: Rose Gold – Fever

Rose Gold art (640x360)Newcomer, Rose Gold, has caught my ear this week with her smouldering serenade, ‘Fever’. Taking cues from the Peggy Lee classic and The Door’s ‘Light My Fire’, this Baltimore singer raises the temperature with her vocals, electronically treated though they maybe, over a suave jazz rhythm. (*Tips fedora*) What a gal. Continue reading

Choice Cuts: Massive Attack – Blue Lines

Wild Bunch / Virgin Records, 1991
Lone figure in underpass, Apr 22, 2013, by Tramsformer18 (1000x563)My abiding memory of Massive Attack’s Blue Lines is a strange one in that it began with reading a confessional article by a girl I have never met. The girl*, then a student at my former Nottingham university, had had a fling with her best mate’s boyfriend, and she was writing about how Blue Lines got her through the inevitable fallout that occurred when her affair was discovered. Continue reading

Jam of the Week: Erykah Badu – Hotline Bling But U Can’t Use My Phone

Erykah Badu - HBBUCUMP single (593x334)Dial that number back, and rewind the track. Over the summer, Drake set corners of the web ablaze with a vicarious, trap equivalent of white phosphorus, called ‘Hotline Bling’. Now, the high queen of neo-soul, Erykah Badu, has put her own spin on the track, and it’s even more intoxicating than Drake’s. Continue reading