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Moments We Remember: Madtyger on Spyro the Dragon

Chronicling stories of how gaming has changed us – one moment at a timeSpyro the Dragon, 01 (1024x576)Title: Spyro the Dragon (Sony / Universal Interactive, 1998)
Format: PS1

Madtyger shares her take on the titular purple dragon that opened her eyes to the wonders of video game stories.

“I grew up watching my brother play video games on his NES and Sega Genesis before I started playing games on my own PlayStation. The games my brother played were mostly fighting or racing games, where there was never any real story or character development.

“So when I started playing games, it was Tekken and Ridge Racer that I spent my free time on. It wasn’t until Christmas 1998 when I received Spyro the Dragon as a Christmas gift that I finally realised the true potential video games had as a mechanism for story at work. In Spyro, you play the titular purple dragon as he and his companion, Sparx the firefly, seek to rescue other dragons imprisoned by Gnasty Gnorc.

“As a whole, Spyro was a very well-developed, fully 3D platformer in the early days of the original PlayStation. But it wasn’t the gameplay that made me fall in love with this video game, it was Spyro himself. With an energetic personality, Spyro was adventurous and courageous, despite his small size compared to other dragons. He was the first video game character I met that had a personality which I found relatable.

“Coupled with an interesting story for its time, Spyro the Dragon introduced me to what video games were capable of, which is letting you explore worlds and meet characters you could never imagine on your own. Before it, I always thought video games were repetitive and lacked stories that could impact the way I thought. Now, because of Spyro, I no longer play video games to “waste time” but enjoy them with a passion, and look forward to every new world I can explore and every character I may meet along the way.”

@madtyger is a long-time PlayStation gamer, anime fan and bleeds San Jose Sharks teal. In addition to her personal blog, she also assists with

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Image: Insomniac Games/Activision