Jam of the Week: Sharon Van Etten – Just Like Blood

Sharon Van Etten, press photo, 2015, 01 (770x433)Sharon Van Etten has a voice that stops you in your tracks and holds there, leaving you staring somewhere into the middle distance, as her words float around your head. This Brooklyn-born, singer-songwriter so far has four studio albums to her name – her latest, Are We There, was released just last year. But despite a number of recommendations, Van Etten’s music is not yet in my music library. I know: what have I been doing to myself, right? Plenty of time to change that, thankfully, and what better place to start than her new EP, entitled I Don’t Want to Let You Down?

This five-track EP is due out on June 9, and, from what I’ve heard, it seems to be a very inviting representation of Van Etten and her music. ‘Just Like Blood’ is a subtle composition that calms the mind and body almost as effectively as morphine. Amid its sedate brew of piano keys and violins, Van Etten’s transfixing voice will scatter all your problems to the wind. Utterly sublime.

Just Like Blood appears on I Don’t Want to Let You Down, which is due to be released on June 9, via Jagjaguwar Records.

Image: Jagjaguwar Records