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Jam of the Week: Nicole Willis – Paint Me in a Corner

Nicole Willis - Paint Me splash (640x360)There’s a fire brewing along the edge of the Arctic Circle. And if gets any hotter it may just begin to melt the icecaps. This week sees the return of the raw talent that is Nicole Willis. Brooklyn-born and now Helsinki-based, her first two albums with the Soul Investigators (Keep Reachin’ Up (2005) and Tortured Soul (2013)) are marvels of original, sensational soul music – they’re more than 60s “throwbacks”.

Paint Me in a Corner’ is the first single from the group’s upcoming third album, Happiness in Every Style, which is due out this autumn. I won’t speculate on her motivations behind the song’s lyrics, but suffice to say it could be seen as another fantastic exemplar of politically and socially aware soul music. The song is flushed with brass, warm harmonies and perhaps the tightest live grooves in Finland’s southern region. It’s out today as a 7” single and is backed by the equally smooth B-side, ‘Where Are You Now’. If you’re a lover of contemporary soul, Willis’s upcoming album is one not to miss out on.

Paint Me in a Corner is out now on Timmion Records. It’s available to download from selected digital music stores and as a 7” single from selected retailers across Europe.

Image: Timmion Records