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I Speak Machine – The Silence review

Tara Busch, I Speak Machine - Silence live, 02 (944x559)The Silence is not an album to listen to while walking around your house in the dead of night – unless, of course, you enjoy giving yourself a good scare. This moody, instrumental affair comes from LA-based synthesizer enthusiast, Tara Busch, who, along with filmmaker, Maf Lewis, goes by the name of I Speak Machine, and has been produced as an extended soundtrack to their short film of the same name.

I Speak Machine - The Silence, 500The duo created a series of low-budget videos for songs from Busch’s solo album, Pilfershire Lane. Some evoke a sense of film noir, while others the fashion and innocence of teenagers of the 1960s. On the other hand, The Silence is a very different beast: ambient, unsettling and more than little terrifying. If you’re partial to horror film or game scores, such as the American version of The Ring (Hans Zimmer), The Grudge (Christopher Young), and Silent Hill ( Akira Yamaoka), you will find this aural crossing an effective catalyst to frightening new nightmares.

Any imaginary horrors that haunt you are the result of a well-structured ordering and edit of these songs, turning this album into a tense, but also beautiful, crop of vivid encounters. There’s also plenty of contrast at play, which sets up the scares so brilliantly; the patches of subtle, almost heavenly ambient on ‘Run’ or midway through ‘Arrogance’ are like the pinprick of sunlight through gloomy clouds, before the darkness rushes in again and the axe falls.

And when it does fall, you feel it. The blood-churning techno on ‘Hunted’ or ‘Dead Man’ will leave you panic-stricken at best, or, at worst, feeling like you’re being sucked feetfirst into a bottomless swamp, down, down, into the depths of hell. The morose synths and goose bump-inducing whispers on The Silence conjure terrors to match the daddies of the genre. In the guise of I Speak Machine, Busch will have horror enthusiasts at her mercy.

The Silence is out now on Lex Records.

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Image: Lex Records