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Jam of the Week: Tall Black Guy – Solar Coaster for the People

Things Leave the House, RSD 2015 special promo, First Word (1773x656)Backlash against Record Store Day has grown more public this year. And even I myself have admitted I’m “tired of the rat race”. But it’s worth remembering two things: Firstly, RSD is still independent stores’ biggest day of the year, and secondly, lesser-known artists and labels continue to put out releases worthy of attention from music enthusiasts.

Nothing Leaves the House, released by First Word Records last year, was one such example. This double 7” was the result of three of the label’s favourite producers – Tall Black Guy, Kidkanevil and Eric Lau – sifting through the “sizeable” record collection of DJ and producer, Mr Thing, for inspiration.

A year later, First Word brought the three producers and Mr Thing back together to craft more new mixes, and the result is four delectable instrumental beats that will be welcomed by those who get satisfaction from hearing their music hot off wax. All four tracks on the Things Leave the House compilation deserve a listen. For me, Tall Black Guy – who dropped the beat album of 2013 in 8 Miles to Moenart – has served up the mellifluous highlight with ‘Solar Coaster for the People’, which sparks and zips with the overtones of neon-tinged nightlife, screw-driving and side-winding as it does. You can imagine it being played in the kind of bar that sells exotically-named beverages (Coco Tang, anyone?). DJs and beat lovers will be reaching for this cut pronto.

Solar Coaster for the People will appear on the Things Leave the House compilation, out on April 18, 2015, on First Word Records. A double 7” will be available as part of Record Store Day 2015.

Image: First Word Records