In memoriam: Leonard Nimoy

Mr Spock, Leonard Nimoy, Mar 16, 2010, by Pineapples101 (1331x749)Leonard Nimoy inspired so many generations with his defining role as Mr Spock from in original 1960s series of Star Trek. That’s where I saw him for the first time; sitting on my sofa, as my father, my brother and I absorbed the adventures of the crew of the starship Enterprise.

Like many others, I was hurt when I learned of Nimoy’s death yesterday. As the pointy-eared, ever-logical Mr Spock, Nimoy become an ambassador for science fiction and fantasy lovers everywhere. He inspired real astronauts, the creators of Futurama, the masked-rapper MF Doom and countless others.

Long after his days on the Enterprise, he continued to share his acting talent and commitment to new ideas. He lent his voice to video games such as Kingdom Hearts and Civilization IV, narrated documentaries, made special appearances in episodes of Futurama, The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory, to name but a few, and returned to play Mr Spock in JJ Abrams’s Star Trek reboot and its sequel. The wealth of performances and appearances he left us with are a gift to treasure.

Star Trek’s influence on my love of science fiction, space exploration and fantasy runs deeper than I can pinpoint. Yet, thanks to his prolific career and given personality, Nimoy’s legacy shines as brightly as the show’s. He lived long and prospered. And He will continue to do so in our memories.

Image: Pineapples101/Flickr-CC