Little Dragon review – a dynamite return from Sweden’s finest musical export

Village Underground, LondonLittle Dragon, Village Underground, Feb 27, 2014, by Aaron Lee (1920x1080)It started with a blaze of dazzling blue light emanating across the smoky, cavernous venue. Then, the music started. A frenetic pulsing sound from the stage. The faint silhouettes of the band appeared one by one. And then Yukimi herself emerged.

“London, how you feel?” she shouted. The audience responded with a whoop of excitement. “It’s good to be back,” she said, at once leading the band into the robotic psychedelia of ‘Please Turn’. Little Dragon had arrived. Continue reading

Neneh Cherry review – a lively introduction to her new sound

Neneh Cherry, Rough Trade East, 25/02/2014, by Aaron Lee (1920x1080)“Big hand to the Walthamstow massive!” said Neneh Cherry, full of energy on stage at Rough Trade East, London, despite the late hour. “This song [‘Weightless’] would not have happened without RocketNumberNine [the two-piece from the aforementioned London borough].” Continue reading

Recommended watching: What Difference Does It Make?

Red Bell Music Acadeny - What Difference Does It Make film (980x520)Just what difference their work makes is a question that occupies creatives everywhere.

The art of making music and how it affects the lives of people who choose to make it is the question explored in a feature-length documentary, What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music, by director Ralf Schmerberg. It’s a thoroughly captivity look at the creative process and how we define our own worth. Continue reading

Why British-Grenadians should care about the island’s 40th independence day

Grenada flag-waver, by Wayne Marshall (Sep 2008) (1448x815)There are just over 9,700 Grenadian-born people living in the United Kingdom, according to the 2001 UK Census. How many of them were aware that the island of their birth celebrated its 40th anniversary of independence on Friday, February 7, 2014? Continue reading