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Kevin Sargent’s Hour

The Hour, Series 2, BBC (2012)The Hour may have left some unsure whether it was a spy thriller or a newsroom drama, but when it came to the music, the series evoked the suave sound of the 1950s with flair.

The second series begin on BBC Two this month, and new series composer Kevin Sargent has written an illuminating blog post about the score.

Daniel Giogetti penned the score for the first series, guiding viewers’ emotions as we were introduced to Bel, Freddy and Hector. In the second series, vice, fame and unrequited love tempt our heroes and Sargent’s musical themes delivers the atmosphere wonderfully.

“A big theme is an inability to confront emotional truths,” says Sargent. That’s something which is true of life itself. Sargent’s original jazz score is a wondrous bit of escapism and exactly the kind of soundtrack to newsroom life.

Image: BBC