Can’t stop listening to… Lianne La Havas

Her album may have only just arrived, but I’ve been enraptured by Lianne La Havas for eight months already.

It was listening to the 22-year-old singer-songwriter from south London explain how she met Willy Mason on the Victoria line (via the Huey Show), which led to them collaborating on her debut single ‘No Room For Doubt’, that got me to pay attention. “We all make mistakes, we do / I learn from you”, she sang, cleansing my mind inexplicably of the worries that lay within. Continue reading

Playlist Picks: Electric Guest, Estelle and Norah Jones

Songs that make you get up and go, strut your stuff and sway in the breeze

Electric Guest – This Head I Hold
If your pulse doesn’t start to race to the sound of Electric Guest’s ‘This Head I Hold’, then it’s time you saw a doctor. It’s burst after burst of repetitive, high-energy rhythms that rise to a climatic zenith. Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises shows the world how to end a superhero trilogy

Too many superhero films try to tell too many stories. They try to please everyone – the fans and the uninitiated. The Dark Knight Rises isn’t like that at all. And it’s all the more satisfying because of it. Continue reading

Gaming as seen by an art critic

Mention the words ‘game development’ to anyone who doesn’t love or make games and watch their eyes glaze over, obscured by visions of complicated bleeps and bloops.

This is the reaction I (almost) always find when speaking to those oblivious to the joys of gaming. Yes, while my attempts to get friends to take the genius of Portal seriously still fall on deaf ears, more people might appreciate games if they understood at least some of the creative and artistic feats behind them. Continue reading

Work Experience: TechRadar

I recently completed a work placement on the UK’s leading consumer technology website TechRadar.

My placement took place at Future Publishing’s offices in London, also home to T3, Gizmodo UK and other titles, June 26-29, 2012.

Deputy editor Marc Chacksfield was my supervisor. I produced news stories, assisted with an interview and learnt what the website’s users come to it for. See my portfolio for more.

My experience at the TechRadar has taught me more about producing technology stories for the consumer audience.