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Machine works: inside BMW’s motor factory

The first thing that hit me was the smell: the air was acrid and heavy with petrol fumes. It was a calm spring day in Munich, and I was touring BMW’s motor manufacturing plant, an attraction, which according to the Jack Albertson-like tour guide, is more popular than the city’s Bavarian landmarks.

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Playlist Picks: Damon Albarn, De La Soul and Labrinth

Songs to ponder to, celebrate to and break stuff to

Damon Albarn – Apple Carts
‘Apple Carts’ is a sedate high taken from Damon Albarn’s exquisite new studio album, Dr Dee – based on the stage show of the same name about the life and times of the 16th century scientist cum court wizard. Visions of a pastoral, slower pace of life are caught in Damon’s delicate vocal amid the gentle, effervescent twanging of a lute.