Games can be vintage too

Retro Gamer #100 and #001 (Mar 2012) by Aaron LeeEvery generation seems to believe that the generations after them have no appreciation of the time and events that came before them. Bemused by friends who think I’m “too young” to remember the age of Bowie, perms and Ghostbusters, I was certain I would never turn into one of them. How wrong I was. Continue reading

Facebook’s dominance in doubt as Zynga goes it alone profile page (Mar 2012)For Zynga and Facebook the honeymoon is over. The game-maker, famous for FarmVille and Words With Friends, is to launch its own dedicated games portal,, in a move to increase its independence.

The San Francisco-based game-maker currently accounts for 12 per cent of the social network’s overall revenues. Zynga’s desire to break away represents a blow to Facebook’s status as the platform holder that’s impossible to ignore. Continue reading