Proposals, proposals

Magazine launches are few and far between here in the UK. But while some had proposals of marriage in mind, I have spent all day imagining, discussing and pitching magazine proposals.

Mark Payton, editorial director at Haymarket, visited my college today, and my MA class and I had been given briefs to fulfil in advance of shirt-and-shoes occasion. Continue reading

First look at the Sun on Sunday

Sun on Sunday and  other Sunday newspapers by Aaron Lee (26.02.2012)“A Sun-sational launch for Murdoch”. That’s the sort of rhetorical we’ll be reading in the news tomorrow, and later this week, about the new Sun on Sunday. The arrival of this new weekly has long been expected since the demise of News of the World, and now that it is here will it be able to win back those 2.66 million readers who’ve given up on the Sundays entirely? This way for more sex, scandal and Sunday surprises!

Jak and Daxter revisited

Jak and Daxter Classics HD (Sony, PS3, 2012)Jak and Daxter is the latest series to be given an HD makeover for PlayStation 3. This series in particular holds a lot of fond memories for me. The original game, released in 2001, was a masterclass of technical achievements, but its true worth lay in its finely-crafted world and gameplay. It was greater than the sum of it parts. Continue reading

Reflections on Animal Farm

Animal Farm, George Orwell, by dewberry1964

“All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.”

Orwell’s Animal Farm didn’t cross my path while I was in school – I suspect Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men took the spot it would have occupied. Having just finished the book it’s clear to me that I have been missing out all these years. Continue reading