Christmas commercialised for your enjoyment

Duckie Copyright Christmas (Barbican, 2011)

Perusing the free gifts in Duckie’s Christmas catalogue is sure to leave you with a brazen sense of mistrust. Happiness, self-respect, popularity… it’s all too good to be true, which, of course, is exactly the point.

The commercialisation of Christmas is nothing new, but in a world where ‘happiness’ is a new flat screen TV and trainers obtained by whatever means, there is good reason for people to shake the fake snow out of their eyes and pay attention. Copyright Christmas, this year’s alternative Christmas production by Duckie, is the play George Osborne and the retail industry would prefer you didn’t see. Continue reading

Best albums of 2011

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, Rome press photo 01This year has seen the end of my time at university in Nottingham and the beginning of a new chapter at Goldsmiths in London. From Janelle Monáe’s ArchAndroid and the classic soul of the 60s getting me through my dissertation, to my first ever listen to Danger Mouse’s Rome (walking to and from the city campus’s library for the Trent Media AGM), to Ghostpoet’s life-affirming tones giving me the vigour to make it through my driving theory test; music has been with me every step of the way. Continue reading