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Spectral sounds at Thames Festival

Ghostpoet, Thames Festival, 04.09.2011, by Aaron LeeLast Sunday, I saw Ghostpoet performing at the Thames Festival outside the Tate Modern gallery.

The wander down the South Bank towards the stage was strange even by its usual standards: throngs of people snaking their way downstream, entertainers lining the streets in colourful costumes, foods of the world and beer in plastic cups, a Just Dance 2 booth with children dancing on a floor the size of a milk float roof, a girl in a top hat running towards the riverbank, a riverside sign proclaiming ‘we wanted to be the sky’ and a couple kissing under and canopy of leaves.

The songs and witty lyricism of this experimental electronic hip hop artist have been like a personal counsel for all my issues and worries. I first heard about Ghostpoet on’s Music Weekly podcast in March, and ‘Survive It’ was one of my most uplifting spring tracks that got me through the hardships of my final uni year.

You can read more about Ghostpoet and his Thames Festival live performance over at Erant Splendens.

Setlist: (Intro) Onetwos, I Just Dont Know, Garden Park, Run Run Run, Survive It, Liiines, Us Against Whatever Ever, Finished I Ain’t, Cash and Carry Me Home, (Encore) Morning (feat. Micachu).

Image: Aaron Lee