Media Watch: Ricardo Torres

Games writers from ethnic minorities are a rarity, but it’s rarer still to find an editor-in-chief of a games media website.

A 12-year veteran of GameSpot, who was made editor-in-chief in January 2008, Ricardo Torres is one games journalist I have strong admiration for. He recently left GameSpot, so it’s time I paid tribute to him with this Media Watch post.

Discovering GameSpot’s live webcasts in 2005 was a turning point in my media consumption. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that seeing GameSpot’s coverage of the US PSP launch, the reveal of PS3 at Sony’s E3 press conference and the hours of E3 2005 show coverage shifted my perspective of games reporting.

Between 2005 and 2008, GameSpot was my primary internet source for gaming news and culture. It’s tirelessly produced podcasts, videos and live streams brought me closer to the industry I loved without me leaving my home. And, alongside Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, it inspired me to pursue games and technology reporting at university.

Appearances by Ricardo on GameSpot’s podcasts and live events were scarce, because, as I’ve come to learn, his role as an editor frequently kept him busy overseeing schedules, fixing appointments, liaising with PRs and publishers and all manner of other tasks. But you only have to see the breadth of content – and the exclusives – that GameSpot racked up during his tenure to know that Ricardo was a terrific editor.

Although I’ve never met him, Ricardo’s passion and professionalism is something I look up to. I applaud him for showing other aspiring games writers from ethnic minorities that they too can become editors and for being instrumental in providing games coverage that inspired me to want to join the games industry.

Image: GameSpot/CNET