The Midas touch

Goldsmiths College by Ewan MunroThe importance of academic reputation becomes painfully apparent when applying for skilled jobs. Chances of getting to the interview stage are judged even before your actual qualification, because a first from Derby University isn’t the same as a first from Oxford University. This kind of presumptive classification can unfortunately be damning for us all. But if you happen to be on the positive end of the scale more doors in society open. Continue reading

The decline of children’s TV

Kirsten O'Brien, SMart, CBBC, 2011It was a time of innocence, of compassion, of playfulness. A time before the Nanny State, rampant gang culture and too many road accidents caused parents to forbid their children from “playing out.” Before the web became everyone’s favourite distraction, before video games conquered the home and before Toy Day was brushed aside by schools for being “too childish.” It was the golden age of children’s television, and I never imagined I would feel such an attachment to it. Continue reading

Media Watch: Ricardo Torres

Games writers from ethnic minorities are a rarity, but it’s rarer still to find an editor-in-chief of a games media website.

A 12-year veteran of GameSpot, who was made editor-in-chief in January 2008, Ricardo Torres is one games journalist I have strong admiration for. He recently left GameSpot, so it’s time I paid tribute to him with this Media Watch post. Continue reading

Luther still at large

‘Ludicrous’ is how the startlingly good crime drama, Luther, has been described by Radio Time’s TV editor, Alison Graham. Last year I gushed over the first series and promptly ordered the DVD the night it ended. Some might label it as such, but I my view it’s still frighteningly real. Continue reading

Lend me your eyes on Erant Splendens

Ladies, gentlemen, tired-eyed nocturnal web surfers who’ve stumbled across this page on another midnight binge gone wrong, may I have your attention please.

Form today I shall be writing blog posts for Erant Splendens – the forgotten castaways that survived the slow decline of the fabled Triforce community. Continue reading