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Discovery Zone: Edge reborn

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Edge 4.0
This monthly, long-running multi-format games magazine, Edge, unveiled its fourth magazine redesign since its launch in October 1993. Issue #229 has been redesigned from front to back, and features distinct sections on the design, business and culture of games.


Hero complex

The great thing about inFamous’s story is what motivates its characters to do what they do.

Cole MacGrath, the protagonist, is more than shaken after the murder of his girlfriend, Trish, at the hands of none other than himself, or future self at least. And, as he muses to himself in the comic, even with his electrical abilities he wasn’t able to save the one he loved most. Some might see this as a superhero cliché, but the way inFamous expresses this theme throughout its universe is incredibly endearing.

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Farewell, Platform

It’s hard to believe that, after three years with the team, my time on Platform is at an end. The people, the events, the experiences, all confided to memory. Saying goodbye to Platform feels particularly poignant for me because it’s been the one constant during the whole of my university life, and the reason I’ve met some truly wonderful people who’ve become close friends.

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E3 2011 thoughts

E3 was entry different for me this year, since I was helping MCV and Develop cover news from my desk – and struggling to keep up with video feeds thanks to my unreliable laptop! As a result, I didn’t see much of the live video coverage or hands-on previews. From the press conferences themselves, there weren’t too many surprises. I’m intrigued by the Wii U. Still lots of questions to answer and a need to see if third-parties will actually make good on those promises, but I like the idea of having a device that interacts with your TV in that way.

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Let’s Bopp

Music that gets you moving is never the same for everyone. I enjoy some of the hip hop, dub-step and pop songs they play in the clubs I’ve been to, but, to me, music in the club scene has always been as shallow as mainstream radio playlists. Thanks to a good friend, last night I had the pleasure of experiencing Bopp at Pandora’s Box (the same place my fresher rep toga party was held), and it’s easily one of the greatest club nights I’ve been to.


Freelance: Develop 100 2011

Intent Media, makers of games industry publication Develop, published the 2011 edition of their respected guide to the world’s best game studios this week – and I have made a sizeable contribution to this year’s edition.

Develop 100 is an annual list of the world’s best game studios, which returns this year in association with Metacritic.


Work Experience: Xbox World

I recently completed a four-day work placement on Xbox World, Future Publishing’s best-selling independent Xbox magazine in the UK. I was one of three applicants chosen out of over 150 who applied in February this year.

My placement took place at Future’s offices in Bath, May 23-26, 2011.

Michael Gapper, news and features editor of Xbox World, was my mentor during my time with the team. Arriving so close to the annual E3 trade show, it was fascinating to observe some of the pre-event preparation on Xbox World and other mags in the office.