To the Future

After months of self-imposed silence I can final reveal that I’m off to Future Publishing tomorrow for work experience on Xbox World 360 magazine.

This rare opportunity came about from my application to Xbox World’s call for work experience applicants in February this year.

I’m filled with a sense of excitement, apprehension and curiosity at the thought of entering Future’s office in Bath, the production office I’ve dreamt of visiting over and over as I’ve scanned the flannel panels in Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, Edge and more over the years.

I’ve been super busy running between London and Nottingham last week, now, though, I’m settled and ready. I’ve been brushing up on my Xbox knowledge, I’ve got recent copies of the magazine and I’ve digested Professor William Strunk’s Elements of Style.

Tomorrow it’s off to Bakerloo station and onward to Future. Wish me luck.