Fall in Spring

Today, Gorillaz’ tour album, The Fall, goes on commercial release worldwide.
I’ve actually had a digital version of the album since Christmas 2010 as part of my Sub Division fan club subscription. Back then I had my misgiving. I wouldn’t hold it in the same esteem as the band’s other studio albums, but it’s really grown on me in recent months, especially thanks to the airplay of ‘Revolving Doors’.
I had a terrific time celebrating my first proper Record Store Day, but I didn’t manage to get my hands on the vinyl album I was desperately craving.

So it was back to eBay were I’ve already been seeking out the best deal I can from the 40+ copies of The Fall that have been listed there in the past two days. And much to my delight I was able to snap up a copy this evening for just over £25 (the original sale price being £15). Ah, Gorillaz complex over, I can back to work… or at least gaze out of my window and daydream about little pink plastic bags floating on a highway.